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Social network expert 
and change agent with
a passion for  sustainable development.


This is me

"I believe in the power of networks"


I am driven by the prospects of positive change through relationship building. As a network expert I empower individuals, teams, policy makers and educational institutions to purpose driven network development. Through network thinking I aim to foster a mindset for more collaboration and co-creation leading to collective success.

Simply put, to be better together.

I share my relational perspective with businesses, ecosystem builders and in higher education to spread a systemic perspective. My broad occupational background in management and design paired with a PhD in organisational development and network research, form a foundation of varied perspectives which allow for dynamic impulses and ultimately benefit my clients and partners with the implementation of holistic transformation processes.

Download my detailed portfolio here or at linkedin.

Change Agent Organisational Developer 

Cultural Change Network Facilitator Network Analysis

Network Mapping Network Management Coopetition 

Researcher Keynote Speaker Lecturer 


My Portfolio


In my hands-on “Network Mapping Sessions” participants learn about the power of relationships to achieve their goals. Individuals and teams draw and build a map of relevant persons/stakeholders and their relationships with and between them. I guide participants through... 


As a freelance educator, visiting scholar and "flying expert", I support educational institutions and learners in the fields of transformation management, network approaches and sustainability. I facilitate courses for universities, executive education, and lifelong learning with the aim to foster a networked, systemic, and agile mindset for the digital age.

Workshops & Education
This is me

Change Consulting

I support businesses, policy makers and eco-system builders with their development processes, based on insights from network mapping and analysis. During our project we identify leveraging points for collaboration, coopetition, and innovation as well as challenges for network development...

Keynotes & Expert talks

I introduce your audience to network perspectives, illustrating the relevance of relationships for personal and business success in the digital age...

Consulting & Keynotes

Projects & Collaborations

"I build bridges between network science, individuals and organisations for more collaboration and collective success"

Keynote at the innovation talks series
"Let's talk about tomorrow"

Aim: Introduce network perspectives in education with the growth mindset method ‘Working Out Loud”

Result: In this online talk and sharing session, knowledge about the WOL peer coaching method was shared with change agents in higher education. In the innovation talks session aspects of ‘new work’, networking, and future perspectives in education were discussed. Universities and experts in digital education connected via the BW_i talk to move education 4.0 forward.

Weinsberger Tal

Regional tourism network development consultation 

Aim: Mobilisation of policy makers and tourism actors to foster collaboration and co-creation
Result: Using network mapping and analysis to assess the current state of collaboration among tourism businesses. The network analysis was the basis to learn about the network life cycle stage. Identifying a fragmented structure between certain geographical and professional groups, and uncovering the underlying causes. The collective identity (regional brand) was reassessed to create a sense of belonging amongst members. In workshops members and policy makers worked out new ways of collaboration and how to foster the group identity. The network manager “Tourism Weinsberger Tal” is now able to work on building bridges to support the internal development in a structured way.
Guest lecture at Heilbronn University introducing network approaches to transformation management

Aim: ​Introduce international business master students to network thinking
Result: How to foster coopetition between businesses to boost development? The benefits of inter-organisational network analysis and mapping, to strategically build bridges and mobilise network players, was introduced with a case study. Students learned how network mapping can provide new perspective on transformation management. With a personal mapping exercise students could apply the network approach first-hand for their individual network development.

Heilbronn University

Network mapping session with Christina Kaiser, founder of the lifestyle start-up MyGiulia in Vienna.  

Aim: Potential growth strategy through network development Christina identified hidden opportunities in her network to increase the reach of her platform.  

Result: New action points emerged during the network reflection phase. She developed a network strategy plan to make use of her social capital. The visualisation of data, may it be spatial or social, can provide us with new perspectives! Relationship mapping is an ideal tool when you are planning to develop your business, start a new project or a new role. Mapmaking is extremely powerful as it unveils opportunities in your network.

myGiulia Start-up

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Feedback & References

Jens Starke.jpeg
Jens Starke



"In light of the digital transformation process at Volkswagen, Julia introduced us to the importance of networks to enhance new ways of collaborating and transferring knowledge. Her profound expertise in network development and social group processes, paired with her positive energy, has guided us to new ways of working throughout the transformation process. Individually, and in small groups, we mapped and analyzed our team networks. The network maps helped us to develop a more systemic view on our competences and made opportunities for collaboration clear.


I was excited to learn about my personal network both within and beyond the organization. Thanks to the mapping and analysis process I became aware of who I can reach out to, where key partners are situated and of existing relationships between groups. I could identify where strong alliances to achieve our goal were situated and which relationships I needed to develop further. Our integrated team mapping session was particularly helpful: we learnt about how our collective network is accelerating change in our organization. Working with Julia is truly inspiring!"

Bild Karen Hattenbach United Nations University.jpg
Karen Hattenbach



"The network mapping workshop was excellent and highly worth the time. It was well prepared, referred to useful sources and models, and Julia’s style is very engaging. The follow-up material helped not only to secure what was learned during the workshop but also enabled utilization of the insights gained in separate future contexts.

The importance of collective efforts was stressed, something that also raises awareness of the importance of investing time and resources in a customer management system that meets the needs and goals of our organization. Personally I gained a better understanding about my own networks and its opportunities as well as good impulses on how to extend/maintain it.

I certainly would recommend and already think of using Julia’s competencies for further trainings and capacity building formats."

Caroline Gittus.jfif
Caroline Gittus



"I got to know Julia through a female mentoring program whilst setting up a new series of events on the topic of" Innovations in Science " at the BW_i. Julia's network expertise and her knowledge of the method 'Working Out Loud' came at just the right time for our talk series “Let’s talk about tomorrow”. Her keynote speech was the perfect combination of research expertise and practical guidance for all participants.


In addition to her presentation on the Working Out Loud method at Heilbronn University, she moderated 2 break-out sessions and was available for a detailed Q&A session. The talk was not only authentic, fresh, and innovative as such - it was also a lot of fun and we received fantastic feedback from our participants. Thank you for an enriching talk Julia, and on to new joint projects."

Wolfram Linnebach



"Julia Schönbrunn accompanied the development of the “Weinsberger Tal” tourism association, with a focus on improving the collaboration and networking between local service providers. We have worked successfully with Julia for over 3 years to implement a sustainable regional development plan. She mapped and analysed the tourism network consisting of 127 organisations and policy makers, and revealed blind spots in our internal collaboration structure.


Thanks to her extensive analysis, we learnt where we need to connect and increase the level of collaboration to develop the region further. In a series of workshops with the association’s management team and network members, Julia helped us work out how to optimize our network development through targeted interaction and exchange to strengthen identification of our members; the Weinberger Tal brand.


With her ability to motivate others we were able to start a mobilisation process amongst members and worked out action points to better grow together as a group. With her knowledge, also in the area of marketing, she supported us in aligning our regional identity in a way that all network members feel integrated. What I enjoy most about working with Julia is her contagious positive attitude."

Annika Ott



"Julia has joined our "Founders Talks" series at Campus Founders in Heilbronn to share her expertise in a very informative and inspiring keynote on "The Power of Relationships". With her extensive knowledge and diverse case studies she explained the power of informal networks, what it takes to become a 'smart network', and how network maps can help to develop sustainable ecosystems and business networks.


Besides her keynote and a Q&A session, Julia shared her practical network tool for the participants to draw their personal network. The keynote was authentic and lively. We've received very positive feedback about Julia's expert talk on this fascinating topic. Julia, many thanks for such an amazing talk."

Manuel Betz



"Julia introduced network ideas among five competing wineries based in our village. To our surprise by collaborating we were able to work and sharpen our individual business propositions. With more diversity and clear positioning at hand we've managed to enlarge our collective network. With Julia’s insights we learned to see the opportunities of creating a local wine identity with events and tastings, which added value, and broadened our perspectives on how to use our networks profitably.


With openess and mutual respect, we keep exploring new ideas and have even merged into a business to market our group “Erlenbacher Winzer”. Besides her expertise, what we loved about working with Julia is her energetic spirit and down to earth attitude."

Christina Kaiser



“I always thought I was a good networker until I worked with Julia. She showed me how powerful and effective network-mapping can be. Julia has guided me through this process very competently with an ability to quickly see connections, where I did not see them first hand. We identified new opportunities through visualizing my network. This helped me to see new perspectives right in front of me. Suddenly everything was clear and I had a plan how to activate the power of my network in the best way."

Prof Dr Anne Meißner University of Hilde
Prof. Dr. Anne Meißner



"Committed, inspiring and moving - thank you, Julia! Thank you for sharing your Working Out Loud knowledge with us and our students in our kick off talk - it helped us all a lot in implementing WOL in our master’s course. With your motivating spirit you’ve supported and inspired our students to start their learning journey. I’ve experienced you as highly motivated, competent, and professional, and it will be my pleasure to work with you again anytime - Tsjakkaa!"

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